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is a program that extracts email addresses published on the Internet.

The program can collect emails from websites you specify (single URL or a list of URLs), or by processing web sites that match a certain keyword (via search engines). The keyword search extraction method allows you to collect email addresses that are highly targeted and relevant to a search term. This is a great software application to use if you don’t know many web sites that match your area of interest.

The program uses multithreaded technology to maximize the speed of email extraction and to optimize the use of your Internet connection. In doing this, the program consumes very little system resources.

When collecting contact information, you can use a number of filters that limit the search scope to certain pages and ban viewing and loading other web pages. Also, there are various options to limit the search to one web site only or all sites linked to it, as well as to set the search depth level (from the first page down).

Another important advantage of MassReach Email Extractor over other programs in this class is a capability to collect email owner names. Using email lists with the email owner names allows you to run personalized bulk email campaigns which undoubtedly generate better results and bring more sales.

After emails are collected and the list is formed, you can save this data to a file, Windows clipboard or any MS Office application.


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