MassReach Whois Extractor Upgrade History

version 8.01 (February 24, 2012):

New features:
Hungarian translation added

Changes and fixes:
Data export to MassReach Mail Sender fixed
Restart now prompted after license activation
Incomplete localization of installation wizard and interface fixed
Program failure on Windows XP fixed

Changes and fixes:

Works with .mobi and .jobs domains
Saving results in some cases in some cases was failing
"Unknown exception" error fixed
Program and computer freezing fixed
Italian localization added
Filters improved
Help menu improved
Error with .GR domains fixed
Email display fixed
Error with .HU domains fixed

version 7.00 (November 19, 2009):
Finds information about an IP address (ipv4) or domain
New parsing engine
New Export Wizard with various options
Search window was added
Filter email, phone, fax and addresses from the results
Edit options in proxy list
Validate input of domains and IP addresses
New Ribbon UI for Vista and Windows 7
View WHOIS information about an IP address or domain in several variants
Extended list of WHOIS-servers

version 4.10 (October 8, 2008):
Trial version can export 10 contacts to Word/Excel/file
Better integration with other MassReach email marketing programs.
Saving and restoring window position on reopening

version 4.00 (April, 2008):
Optimization for Windows Vista
New nice user interface
Export to MS Excel now saves all data (including phones, faxes, etc)
Support of different languages for user interface

version 2.70 (October, 2006):
Some minor changes in user interface

version 2.60 (June, 2006):
Integration with Member Area

version 2.50 (March, 2006):
Compatibility with MassReach Mail Sender 3 smart integration

version 2.00 (March, 2005):
HTTP connections are available now
Better extractions due to 43/80 ports using

version 1.40 (November, 2004):
Copy email addresses to Windows Clipboard option
Pause in the extraction to prevent IP blacklisting
Integration with MassReach Mail Sender
Integration with MassReach Mail Verifier
Some changes in RU-domains exploring
Small error with case sensivity has been fixed
New items in Help menu

vesion 1.30 (February, 2004):
Proxy rotate option
Settigns proxy response timeout
Connection Logging options
Some user interface changes

version 1.20 (October 1, 2003):
Proxy server support
Now it processes a list of domain more faster
Easy domain list management
Expiration dates now found much better
Whois server request rules in Common Settings
Recursive whois server queries
Email filters option
Detailed Whois-query option
Better domain list processing
Option to save a list of e-mail addresses into a text file
New advanced project file format
... actually, it's very important update!

version 1.10 (September 8, 2003):
First public release

version 0.90 - 1.00:
Internal versions for private use and debugging only

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