MassReach Web Spider Icon - Extract Emails via BrowsersMassReach Web Spider

plugin for web browsers to collect decrypted contacts

MassReach Web Spider (former MassReach IE Contact Spy ) is a plug-in for MS Internet Explorer, FireFox and Opera web browsers to collect decrypted contact information from password protected websites.

MassReach Web Spider builds itself into the web browser and covertly views every web page you visit. In doing this the programm extracts and saves all contact information, in particular:

  • Email addresses;
  • Phone numbers;
  • Fax numbers;
  • UIN-numbers for ICQ, MSN, AIM.

The best thing about the program is that it can recognize almost all ciphered addresses, which other extractors can’t. For example, will be extracted from the following code fragment:

Any questions? Please email me to
<script language=JavaScript>
uname = "billy"; h = "aol"; d = "@";
document.write("<a href=mailto:"+uname+d+h+".com");

To view all gathered contact information, find MassReach Web Spider in the menu items of your broswer (Tools menu for IE). The window that appears will also let you sort out data by contact type, date, place extracted from, etc. Filtering and data export options make managing contact information easy. For example, the program is capable of displaying only fax numbers extracted within past 10 days from .org websites etc.

The table of contact information contains four fields - type of the contact, the contact itself (i.e. phone number or email address), URL where the information was extracted from and date/time of the extraction.

The contact data can be easily exported from the program to a file, clipboard or MS Office application (MS Excel or Word, in particular).

The application is ideal for individuals and companies using direct marketing approach online. MassReach Web Spider can save hundreds of hours for your sales staff by collecting contact information automatically.

Remember, every time you visit a new web page, the program finds and extracts emails, phone and fax numbers and other contacts.

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