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local files email collector

MassReach Email Logger is an email addresses collector designed to search through the files stored on your local hard disk.

MassReach Email Logger does not require the Internet connection at all unlike devoted to search on the Internet.

MassReach Email Logger comes with a clean, intuitive interface and works on practically any Windows OS computer. The program has a built-in feature that determines the location of files that are likely to contain email addresses, like the Internet browser cache, mailboxes, executable program files.

MassReach Email Logger is capable to harvest email addresses from any file types by using the plug-in technology. There are some free plug-ins: Clipboard Extractor, Internet Explorer Extractors, Mailboxes extractor, Opera extractor, Netscape extractor and plug-in to process word, excel and pdf-files. If the MassReach local disk email collector encounters a familiar file type (like HTML) it can harvest the email owner names as well.

The gathered email addresses can be saved to a text file, clipboard or any MS Office application.

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