Atomic Email Hunter plug-ins

Here is a list of commercial plug-ins for Atomic Email Hunter. They are available for the downloading immediately after completing the order form. Please choose the items below and click BUY NOW to continue.

  • Catalogue of web sites. DatabaseAtomic Websites Catalogue
    - 1.4 million websites

Atomic Websites Catalogue is a database of approximately 1.4 million websites collected from public sources and containing only fresh links to the most part of indexed web sites.

A list of websites is categorized and contains 16 main categories and thousands of sub-categories.

Date of collection - August, 2007.

Web sites are easy to export to Windows Clipboard or any Atomic email extracting application, for example to Atomic Email Hunter.

Atomic Web Catalogue is a commercial plug-in and available for downloading immediately after completing the order form. Please click BUY NOW links to purchase.

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  • Atomic Domain Catalogue. Click to enlargeAtomic Domain Catalogue
    - a 70 million domain names

Atomic Domain Catalogue is a database of more than 70 million freshly collected domain names.

Domains are categorized alphabetically and can be saved to a file or clipboard.

You can use Atomic Domain Catalogue together with:

  1. Atomic Whois Extractor to gather emails of domains' registrants or administrators from WHOIS.

  2. Atomic List Manager (Generate List feature) to build new mailing lists. Generate List feature let you generate new email address by adding any username of the recipient (e.g. info or admin) before the @ sign followed by domain taken from Atomic Domain Catalogue.

    Note! Domain names are sometimes referred to as "web addresses" or " web sites", this is incorrect! When you register a domain name, you do not automatically have a website.

    When you use extractors like Whois Extractor or Email Hunter for processing a large amount of data like Domain Catalogue is, please do extract information in piecemeal fashion to avoid blacklisting.