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First, please refer our Questions & Answers page. It contains the most often asked questions about email extracting.

Second, download and print the User Manuals for our programs. They are in Adobe PDF format.

Email support

If you still have some questions regarding the software or need sales assistance please fill in the form below. We are working on answering all of the emails as fast as we can, usually we answer within 24 hours on working days.

Our technical support is based on ticket system - a tool that enabling us to log & track important information and giving our customers access to see how their issue is progressing. A unique number ID is assigned to every ticket and is sent by email, you will also receive a ticket resolution email as soon as we are able to answer your query or resolve your support request. Please NEVER answer that resolution message by email.

Inquire about the status of your ticket at by quoting your e-mail and a ticket number

Enter your ticket details below. If you are reporting a problem, please remember to provide as much information that is relevant to the issue as possible.

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We are working on answering all of the e-mails as fast as we can, usually we answer within 24 hours on working days.

E-mail support is provided in the English language, 6 am - 12 pm (GMT), Monday to Friday excluding public holidays..

Note, email (use the form given above) can give us more time to research your problem and respond with a more detailed reply than we would be able to provide by telephone.

Contact Sales

Please contact Sales Department to speak with a representative:

Telephone: +1-707-7098405 for United states
+44-20-32397742 for United Kingdom
+61-2-800-33477 for Australia

or e-mail


Live help

This software works great. I am really impressed with your services and I would certainly recommend this to every one. Great Job Guys and thanks a Ton .