Become a non-exclusive reseller

The common feature and advantage of the following partnership options is that you are free to:

  • determine the selling method, currency and price which may be the same, higher or a little bit lower than the one quoted on our web site;
  • promote Atomic solutions to your customers;
  • process and collect payments on your own, you can use your own billing-agent or affiliate program.

You will get about 50% from each copy sold.

Simply select an option within a non-exclusive partnership that suits you best:

One-by-one sales

  1. You get a purchase inquiry from your customer for Atomic product/-s
  2. You buy these products in accordance with the customer's purchase inquiry from AtomPark Software at 60% of their normal price.
  3. You send us information about your customer.
  4. We'll send the registration data to the buyer.

The only drawbacks of this option is that you have to send us certain information about a buyer and transfer 60% of the program cost first.

Payment upon sales

This option is available for trusted resellers only.

  1. Upon your request we provide you with a definite number of Atomic licenses at no cost.
  2. You are selling Atomic products during the certain period and then remit to AtomPark 60% of the programs' cost actually sold during that period.

Advanced reseller payment

  1. You prepay us not less than the amount of $400 or €400 for a certain number of Atomic products (it's your choice). Within this option you are entitled to 50% reseller discount.
  2. We send you the registration data for the ordered products.
  3. On your customers' purchase inquiry receiving you can send them all necessary registration information almost instantly.

This non-exclusive reseller option guarantees that you won't lose a single buyer and that you won't make them waiting.

Note! AtomPark regular prices are assumed as a basis for Discount rates calculating.

Find more about partnership options here.

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