Atomic Lead Extractor 7.20 Update

Our company has updated Atomic Lead Extractor 7.20

This version has all major bugs fixed and the program has become much more stable. Here's the list of fixes:

  • support for Cyrillic domains added
  • improved parsing algorythms for emails, fax and phone numbers and Skype)
  • interface errors fixed
  • fixed errors with option "Analize javascript for protected emails"
  • Access violation errors fixed, not the program is more stable
  • fixed error with checking other websites while the search depth is set
  • computer processor load is decreased

You can download the latest version from our website:

Publication date: 2012-11-09

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The tool is amazing, works just perfect for our business and we are very happy with it. Mass mail software is something badly needed in any e-commerce company and after starting to use Atomic Maile Read more

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