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Atomic Whois Explorer will help you to extract domain owners' contact e-mails and other data from WHOIS databases without getting into the technical aspects of WHOIS servers.

WHOIS is a special protocol that queries information about the domain owner. This data contains the name and email address of an individual or a company that registered the domain, as well as contact information, like the name and the address, of a person responsible for solving the technical issues.

There are a large number of free WHOIS services that provide domain owner information of this kind. However, if you have to get data for dozens of domains, using these free services becomes too difficult and time consuming. And what if there are hundreds of domains in your list?

Our Whois Email Extractor has been developed to solve the above issue. All you have to do is (1) to launch the program, (2) load a list of web sites or domain names and (3) press START, Atomic Whois Explorer will find the appropriate Whois servers on its own and will query them (as a source of domain names you can use Atomic Domain Catalogue - a list of 70 million domains).

The program extracts data in a multithreaded mode, allowing you to harvest data for over a hundred domains a minute! You can also use proxy-servers for the security reasons.

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I just tried demo. It's Excellent. Great speed to fetch the data. The most imp. is company's tech support. Solved my all queries on time. Will surely buy Thanks