Atomic Whois Database -
70 million email addresses, phone/fax numbers of domain name owners

Atomic Whois Database Icon - extract contacts and emails from Whois database Atomic Whois Database contains over 70 million domain names submitted with their registrants' contact details.

As this database displays domain name owners' and administrators' contact information, it can be qualified as "white pages". Our Atomic database represents information similar to the one a registrant enters when registers a domain name in the Whois database.

Atomic Whois Database features

  • Whois database includes the following data (if given by the domain owner):

    • domain name
    • registration date
    • expiration date
    • registrant's name, address, email, fax and telephone numbers
    • administrator's name, email, fax and telephone numbers
    • tech support person's name, email, fax and telephone numbers
    • billing's name, email, fax and telephone numbers

  • Save the list of domains and additional information to the Clipboard, .CSV, and .XLS files.

  • Atomic Whois Database is composed of alphabetically arranged segments on the TLP name basis (see the table below):

by top-level domain name

Number of domain names

File size


42 306 850

3.1 GB


901 517

84 MB


6 499 280

738 MB


4 092 775

444 MB


1 997 196

204 MB


945 951

107 MB


1 256 090

45 MB

the whole database

73 692 468

4.7 GB

Note! Do not mix up domain names with "web sites" or "web addresses". It's different! To register a domain name is not the same as to start a website, but in spite of this you will always have domains owners' contact details using Atomic Whois Database.

Whois Database usage with other Atomic software

  • Atomic Mail Sender - send your mass mailings to domain name administrators.

  • Atomic List Manager - use available domain names for generating a new list of valid e-mail addresses, and you will see the increase of CTR, ROI and naturally open ratios.

Other Atomic databases

You can download Atomic Whois Database in your personal Member Area account - My Software section after purchasing.
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