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Atomic Newsgroup Explorer is an email spider which harvests e-mail addresses and other contact information from the newsgroups.

The newsgroups, which usually unite people with similar interests, may concentrate a large number of subscribers, both active and those who post their messages only occasionally. These messages (posts), together with the names and e-mail addresses of folks who posted them are stored on a server for some time. If you process news groups postings periodically with this software, you can collect a substantial targeted e-mail list. The value of these addresses that the people who subscribe to them have very narrow (i.e. highly targeted) interests. For example, the subscribers to misc.books.technical keep themselves updated on the latest changes in the world of technical books, and the subscribers to are avid fishing fans.

Atomic Newsgroup Email Spider works in a multithreaded mode, capable of downloading and processing several news groups from NNTP-servers simultaneously.

The gathered e-mail addresses can be saved to a text file, clipboard or any MS Office application.

This Atomic email extractor is fully integrated with the rest of Atomic products, particularly the ones which check e-mail addresses for validity e.g. Atomic Email Verifier and which were designed to send bulk newsletters via email like Atomic Email Sender. Simply press a button on the tool panel and the desired program will be downloaded and installed.

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Some say newsgroups are worthless - not really if you know what you are doing. Excellent product.

Mark Pennington