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<h1>Atomic Mail Verifier (AMV)</h1><h3> is a unique program that checks email addresses for validity.</h3>

<p>Atomic Mail Verifier (AMV) is a perfect solution for checking the validity of email addresses.</p>
After collecting the list of email addresses and before running effective email campaigns an important task still stays. 
You should check the validity of recipients' email addresses. This will help you to avoid sending messages to non-existing email addresses.
The program provides three level of verification that sensibly improve the quality of checked email addresses – none of valid addresses will be lost or deleted. 
AMV supports both loaded and pasted mailing lists. Select the necessary email addresses, import them to the program and start the verifying process.
 All addresses are checked in multithread mode to speed up the entire process. The verification is done in three steps:
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  <li style=Syntax check AMV checks email addresses for compliance with RFC registration. For example, such addresses as me&, ^geo^@* will be marked as invalid.
  • Domain check AMV verifies domains for their availability. Non-existing domains will be marked as invalid, so email addresses that belong to them are also invalid.
  • Email address existence. AMV looks for SMTP-server that belongs to the current domain and verifies the user existence. This step is possible only if port 25 is opened.
  • It is at your choice if to complete all the steps or select only one of them. Nevertheless AMV will verify each email address.

    For example, it's better to choose the first two steps for a list of hundreds or thousands of email addresses, as the third step will take much more time. Such kind of verification usually detects and removes one-third of the "bad" addresses existing in the list.

    You can complete all three steps of email checking if your mailing list contains only several thousand of addresses. In such a case all the "bad" and non-existing addresses will be removed.

    Atomic Email Verifier integrates with other Atomic products completely. This means that after collecting e-mail addresses with the help of our extractors (e.g. Atomic Email Hunter), you can transfer the list of addresses to AMV and verify emails. And then after checking the email address validity it is possible to send results to Atomic Mail Sender, our program for mass deliveries.

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