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maintain a set of mailing lists

Atomic List Manager - one of the most important step to success of your email campaign as Atomic List Handler will turn your old bulk mailing lists into a fresh and "quality" one.

While there are some good and few excellent tools that help you manage your mailing list, none comes close to Atomic List Manager if you have several active e-mail lists to maintain. In-house and independent studies show that using this mailing list manager increases ROI up to 15-25%.

Atomic List Manager is capable of both splitting and merging mailing lists. One can split the list using some common-sense filters, like excluding invalid and duplicate e-mails as well as free e-mail addresses (Hotmail and Yahoo!, for example) users of which rarely purchase anything. Plus, the program can purge the list of "suspicious" e-mails, like NULL@, REMOVE@, SUBSCRIBE@, UNSUBSCRIBE@, CANCEL@, NEWSLETTER@, ACCOUNT@, MAILER-DAEMON@, BOUNCE-MAIL@

The program can process mailing lists that contain multiple data parameters, like in, Kate Timmans, 21, unemployed, Evgeny Medvednicov, 27, AtomPark Software, Bill Gates, 52, Microsoft Corp

A number of "mix-and-match" and filtering tasks can be done with Atomic List Manager based on parameters other then e-mail address. E.g., the program can personalize mailing lists, it finds an entry that has both an e-mail address and a name (as in "John Smith" <>), if the program locates the address, it can add the name string to it automatically.

Another great option is a "repair e-mail" feature. Frequently, users misspell part of e-mail address, when entering it. The program employs a unique algorithm that tries to repair invalid e-mails and checks the validity of the "repaired" version. To see how it works, download the program.

As a result of List Manager's work, mass e-mail marketer gets better, personalized list of valid e-mials hat does not contain unwanted addresses. Naturally open, click-though, and ROI ratios increase quite a bit.

Note: It is recommended that you use email validation software together with this list management program because it can detect even more non-existing addresses in the list.

The current version of Atomic List Manager is distributed as shareware. You can download the program demo for free and try it before purchasing. Iin unregistered versions some features are locked - you can not save the results of the validation). To unlock these features a registration is required. The fully licensed version can be ordered through the Internet using any major credit card.



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