Collect Targeted Email Addresses

Our software is designed to collect targeted email addresses of potential customers
to boost online revenue by driving more traffic to your web site and reducing the hands-on time.

In contrast to companies trading mailing lists, we don't ever give out, share or sell emails, but we offer you to generate targeted emailing lists on your own using Atomic email extracting software!

Whether you are planning a direct mail campaign, a telemarketing blitz, or an email promotion, you will be sure, that your mailing lists are accurate, reliable and fresh.

Key applications

Atomic Email Extractors:
  • Atomic Email Hunter
    a software application that extracts contact email addresses from web pages.
  • Atomic Lead Extractor
    New! collects emails, phone numbers, Skype, AOL, Yahoo and ICQ contact from the web.
  • Atomic Email Logger
    An email collector processing local resources (hard drives, CDs, etc.) to extract emails from files stored there. The program supports various types of documents, which significantly broadens the search base and increases the number of emails gathered.
  • Atomic WHOIS Explorer
    A domain owner email query software application.
  • Atomic Web Spider
    Automatically gathers contact information (email addresses, phone and fax numbers, UIN-numbers for ICQ, MSN, AIM) from every web site visited.

With the above software you’ll increase your sales, return on investment and response.

Advantages of our extractors

  • Our software collects targeted email addresses from practically any web source: sites,
    forums, guest books, news groups and so on.
  • There are no compatibility issues that arise when exporting the results from one application to another.
  • Unlimited potential to improve and expand any email extractor functions thanks to the plug-in architecture model. Practically all of our software programs support plug-ins, including the ones created by other companies.

All listed above turns the process of extracting contact information from the Internet into a very simple one, adding a boost to your marketing program.

Maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns with the help of our programs. As a result that will allow you, to sell more of your goods and services.